Expanded Hex Color Sampler

This is an expanded palette for use with with all contemporary (32-, 24- or 16-bit) systems capable of displaying 16 million colors. You can use this chart as a starting point for color selection in your pages.

Black Gray White
fdedf2 f4e8f0 eae4ef ebecf6 ebf5fc ebf4f3 ebf4ea f5f8ec fffded fff5e8 feede3 feedea ececec
fcdbe4 e9d2e4 d4cae2 d5dcef d4ecfb d5eae9 d5e9d7 eaf3da fffdda fdebcf fcd9c5 fcdac5 d7d7d7
f9c8d8 debdd6 bfb2d3 c0cbe7 bfe2f9 bee0df bedfc4 e0edc5 fffbc6 fde2b8 fac6aa f9c7c2 cccccc
f7b5cb d2a6c7 aa99c5 aabadd a5d8f6 a7d6d5 a4d4b0 d4e7b2 fffab2 fbd7a1 f6b28f f6b3ad c2c2c2
f5a0bd c790b9 9781b7 93a9d5 8dcff4 8cccca 89ca9d c7e19e fff99d facd8a f39e77 f49f9c b7b7b7
f289ae bc7aac 826ba9 7c9bcf 6ec6f1 6fc3c1 69c08a bbdb88 fef886 f8c473 ef8861 f0888a acacac
ee71a2 b1629f 6f559d 648dc7 49bdef 49bab6 3eb677 aed673 fef76e f5ba5c eb714d ed717a a0a0a0
ea5493 a74992 5c3e90 497fbf 00b5ef 00b1ae 00ad63 9dd05b fcf64c f3b044 e7573b e9556a 959595
e62b86 9c2c86 a42885 2d73b9 00aeed 00a9a4 00a54e 8dcb41 faf519 f1a629 e3372e e5325e 898989
e3007b 92007b 3d107b 0469b3 00a8ec 00a49d 009f3c 7dc623 f8f400 ef9c00 df0024 e10052 7d7d7d
d20071 860071 380d71 0561a5 009cda 009790 009337 72b720 e6e100 dc9000 cf0021 d1004b 707070
be0066 7a0067 330b67 005796 008dc6 008983 008531 69a61d d2ce00 c98300 bc001d bd0043 636363
ad005b 6d005c 2c0a5c 004e87 0080b4 007b76 00782b 539619 bdba00 b57600 a90017 ab003c 555555
990050 600051 260751 044476 00709e 006d68 006a25 528412 a7a400 a06800 960014 980034 464646
840045 530046 200645 023a67 006189 005e5a 005b1e 47720f 918e00 8c5900 820010 83002c 363636
6f0039 440039 190438 022f55 005073 004e4a 004b18 395f0b 7a7700 744a00 6c000a 6e0023 252525
58002b 35002c 12022c 002443 003f5b 003d39 003b12 2d4b08 605f00 5c3900 560007 57001a 121212
3d001c 24001d 0a011d 01172e 002b40 002927 002809 1d3403 444200 412700 3c0005 3d0011 000000


body {
background: #c0cbe7;
Web page:

The Photoshop color picker, with "Only Web Colors" left unchecked, indicates the hex value for any color Photoshop can produce. You can copy and paste the hex code into your HTML:



body {
background: #7accc8;
Web page:


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