File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol

Though Web sites are developed off-line, eventually the files wind up on a public server somewhere so they can be accessed by a wide audience.

The File Transfer Protocol was created to provide a standardized way of moving files from one computer to another and it is usually the method used to publish a Web site's files to a publicly accessible computer. An FTP client, such as FileZilla, is a front-end tool for using the File Transfer Protocol.

Though there are many FTP clients available, FileZilla is discussed here because:

To use FileZilla, launch it and log in using your IAM credentials:

You should wind up with a window that looks like the one below.


For the AIM1 class, set things up like this:

  1. Locate your pub directory and open it.
  2. Create a new directory in the pub directory and name it AIM.
  3. Inside of the AIM directory, create additional directories named:
    • assignment01
    • assignment02
    • assignment03
    • assignment04
    • etc.
  4. Inside of these assignment directories put an index.html file and any other supporting files for that assignment.


Test your file transfer by going to the following URL in your browser:

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