The Changing Chicago Project
About these photographs…

About these photographs…

Changing Chicago was conceived as one of the largest documentary photography projects ever organized in an American city. Sponsored by the Focus/Infinity Fund, with the support of five museums in Chicago, the project commissioned thirty-three photographers to photograph life throughout the city’s diverse urban and suburban neighborhoods. Launched in 1987 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the invention of photography and the 50th anniversary of the Farm Security Administration documentary project, it honors the tradition of the FSA project while moving away from its predecessor's ambition of inspiring social change towards the more general goal of providing a nuanced description of the human experience in a particular geographic area.

Museum of Contemporary Photography

As one of the photographers selected to participate in the Changing Chicago Project, I elected to photograph Chicago's southern suburbs, an area that is often overlooked but is, in many ways, representative of suburbs throughout the entire United States.

These 200 images are scans from the original 2.25" x 2.25" color negatives.

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