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Satirical animations based on the remarkable life of Hugh M. Hefner
I scripted these as well as doing the Flash animation, creating the sound effects and composing the music. I had intended for my voice to be temporary in hopes that Mr. Hefner would be willing to provide his own voice but he felt that mine worked fine. (Perhaps our Chicago accents were sufficiently similar to his ear.)
These short animations were popular and led to development of several animated ads for Jack Daniels and other sponsors. In addition, Mr. Hefner projected them onto the ceiling at several of his mansion parties.

Animation Example - Billiard Room
The Billiard Room
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Animation Example - Tailgate Party
Tailgate Party
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Animation Example - The Dining Room
The Dining Room
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Animation Example - Temptations
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Animation Example - Hef in Space 1
Hef in Space 1
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Animation Example - Hef in Space 2
Hef in Space 2
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Animation Example - Hefenstein 1
Hefenstein 1
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Animation Example - Hefenstein 2
Hefenstein 2
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Animated holiday cards for Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
I designed the Flash animation and added music to these cards. (The original printed cards upon which these were based were done by another excellent Playboy designer, Len Willis.)
Holiday Card 2007
Holiday Card 2007
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Holiday Card 2005
Holiday Card 2005
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Holiday Card 2004
Holiday Card 2004
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Animated Ads for
These ads were run as pre-stitials on They were the first ads on the Web to load before the content and, as such, attracted a great deal of attention in the online community.
Pre-stitial Ad - Jack Daniels
The Simple Life
Jack Daniels
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Pre-stitial Ad - Southern Comfort
Mardi Gras
Southern Comfort
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Pre-stitial Ad - Chromium Blue
How far will you go?
Chromium Blue TV series
on Showtime
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Pre-stitial Ad - Chromium Blue
Let's Motor
Mini Cooper pre-stitial
Flash ad
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Ape Silverback Personal Project
Ape Silverback is a successful upper manager who feels that, though he lives a very comfortable life and has all the trappings of middle-class success, he has somehow missed something essential about what it means to be alive.
Pre-stitial Ad - Jack Daniels
Ape Silverback
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Jay Boersma
A nice guy. And talented.
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